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Community music for longlasting, impactful social change

Sound Sense mission is to promote community music.  We believe that music within communities brings about positive, long lasting and life changing experiences. Community music breaks down barriers between people and cultures. It enables people to take part in social activities that builds confidence, skills and breaks down loneliness and isolation.

Community music has proven health benefits. Singing aids breathing in patients with respiratory disease and music can bring back memory function in people suffering from dementia. Music can aid speech development in stroke sufferers and it relaxes people and lifts moods. Sound Sense believes music in the community, for and by the community, is as important to society as the air we breath or the food we eat.

Sound Sense members come from all walks of life and work with people across the community, from singing in care homes, hospice care, special educational needs setting, early years music education, formal and informal music education, music technology,  work across hospitals, prisons, youth offenders, homelessness,  in mixed cultural communities, work with refugees and much much more. Our community musicians share a passion for music as a tool for change. Sound Sense practitioners have all seen first hand the magic that happens in a room, when music is allowed to mix freely with people and the changes that take place as a result of such interventions.

Music, culture and society

Big issues face today's society. The harsh economic climate of the past few years continues to affect peoples daily lives, bringing about issues of isolation, poverty and a lesser offer of opportunity. The need for an inclusive, connective society, accepting of people of different faiths, cultures and abilities is more important than ever. There has never been a greater need for creative, life long learning.

Sound Sense is proud to represent such a highly skilled and passionate workforce  of community music practitioners. Our members continues to drive the community music industry forward, creating opportunity for hard to reach individual and groups, working to upskill, confidence build and change lives across society now and for the future.

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28 October 2020

Hello Sound Sensers!

I’m Jess Abrams – Edinburgh-based Music Practitioner, Educator, Musician and now Chair of Sound Sense. I’m so delighted and honoured to step into the role.

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