In our latest TTCM Conversation, Jess Abrams chats with Graham Dowdall who shares his refreshing take on what it means to train, develop and nurture today's community musicians. With over 25 years of experience as an educator and practising community musician, Graham says;

"The key thing in training is to give people the tools and the thinking to find where they fit. It all starts with ethics and principles, and the practical aspects will follow.
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News & Views
19 January 2022
  • TTCM conversation with Graham Dowdall
  • Funded PhD opportunity in early childhood music
  • New member badge ready for download
13 January 2022
Join Sound Sense live online for our series of monthly gatherings for community musicians
Courses & Events
03 February 2022
This conversation will explore the boundary lines of practice on the continuum between music therapy and community music
21 February 2022 - 22 February 2022
Join us at Bristol Beacon for our annual event looking at how we train, nurture and support community music practitioners. TTCM 2022 is the third in a series of symposiums delivered by Sound Sense in partnership with the University of Aberdeen and Bristol Music Trust.