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TtCM 2020: Save the date!

Our next Training the Community Musician (TtCM) symposium will be held in London on 17 - 18 February 2020 in partnership with Trinity Laban Conservatoire.

Just like the previous symposium this will be a two day event, featuring guest speakers as well as Open Space facilitation to once again empower the community music community to bring to the table issues that matter to them.

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19 July 2019
  • ISME World Conference call for submissions
  • Reporting from the MEC Summer Seminar
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09 July 2019
Drake Music has launched this exciting one-day training course as part of its Think22 programme
Courses & Events
19 October 2019
A one day course at Goldsmiths providing an overview of the educational, community and therapeutic uses of music, introducing you to key ethics and practices. Tutored by Sound Sense board member, Graham Dowdall.
09 November 2019
This one day course at Goldsmiths explores some of the disabling barriers these groups face, as well as physical, cognitive and learning challenges, and how creative and participatory music sessions can benefit them. Tutored by Sound Sense board member, Graham Dowdall.
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