Training the Community Musician 2022

How do we prepare community musicians for the challenges of 21st century practice?
A whole-hearted thank you to our wonderful members who braved the wild weather to be with us at Bristol Beacon in February for our third TTCM. It was a special two days full of connection, conversation, learning and developing our practice together. We are currently compiling the report which we look forward to sharing with you soon. One thing was strikingly clear; we must get together more. If you haven't already, please could you complete the feedback form as we really welcome your thoughts and suggestions for taking our TTCM programme forward.


Continue the TTCM conversation on YouTube

You can catch the TTCM Conversations series on our YouTube channel now. These insightful conversations between community music practitioners and educators deepen our understanding of the issues surrounding the training and development of community musicians working across a range of settings. Please do get in touch if there's a conversation you would like to have with a fellow practitioner around this topic - we always welcome new and diverse perspectives.


From intention to impact, and the skills required

20 and 21 September 2021, online via Zoom   

Thank you to everyone who took part in these two interactive events exploring essential and desirable skills for community musicians. Hosted by Jess Abrams (music practitioner and Sound Sense Chair) and Chris Gray (University of Aberdeen).

Training the Community Musician 2020

Sound Sense in partnership with University of Aberdeen, Edinburgh Youth Music, Sound Connections and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

In February, Sound Sense and partners presented the second Training the Community Musician Symposium, hosted by Trinity Laban Conservatoire and supported by Thomas Deane Trust.

The sold-out event, the second in a series of four symposiums planned welcomed delegates from across the UK, Europe and the US. We were pleased to welcome a mix of practising community musicians, educators, students and researchers from the field.

Building on the themes that came out of the first symposium in 2019, the structure this year offered more formal symposium activities and presentations on day 1, followed by a day of Open Space Facilitation on day 2.

Delegates explored themes such as What are the desirable and essential skills of a Community Musician? What is the Community Musicians Duty of Care; to self and other? and Within Training, what is the balance between training the person and training the musician?

Download the full report here


Training the Community Musician 2019

The first of an annual series of gatherings, our Training the Community Musician symposium took place at the University of Aberdeen in February 2019.

We were delighted to welcome 50 delegates to the two day event, with people travelling from across the UK, Canada, USA and Israel to be there. Using an Open Space model, the event allowed participants the space and time to set the agenda and explore topics that mattered to them. The result was a powerful discussion space with plenty of room for networking and connecting with others in the field.

Download the full report here