The Music Education Code of Practice for music practitioners

Originally developed for and by the profession through MusicLeader and Sound Sense

The Music Education Code of Practice helps to ensure music practitioners provide high quality music making and learning experiences for the people they work with. The code consists of a set of quality statements concerning all aspects of music learning:

  • Be well prepared and organised
  • Be safe and responsible
  • Have appropriate musical skills
  • Work well with people
  • Evaluate and reflect on the work
  • Commit to professional development

By adopting the code, practitioners demonstrate their commitment to quality work.

By using the code as a benchmark, employers and hirers of practitioners demonstrate their commitment to requiring high-quality practice of those who work for them.

We’re aligned!

The music code of practice for music practitioners is fully aligned with ArtWorks code of practice principles for artists in participatory settings. So you can be sure that an artist who shows you their signed copy of the ArtWorks code of practice is committed to the same quality statements as a Sound Sense member or other music educator who shows you a copy of the music education code.

Code of Practice

If you are a community music practitioner, adopting the Code of Practice is your first step to professionalism. Sound Sense members are actively encouraged to sign up to the code of practice, ensuring professionalism across the sector. You can download the code below.

Find out how you can sign up to the Music Education Code of Practice

Sound Sense members can sign up to the Code of Practice online. Simply login to the Members Area, click on "My Details" and scroll down to find the Code of Practice section. You can opt in or out of the Code of Practice at any time in this way.

If you sign up online, your entry in the Find a Musician members directory will show that you have signed up to the Code of Practice.

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