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Funding from the University of Manchester has enabled free online access to this new book edited by Alison Jeffers and Gerri Moriarty
Sounding Board
We publish Sounding Board, the journal of community music, four times a year. Sound Sense members receive a paper copy of the magazine when it is published, and can also download a pdf version here.
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The Sound Sense board of trustees invite Sound Sense members to attend the Annual General Meeting, which will take place at Conway Hall, London on Tuesday 13 November at 1pm
Now available to order from OUP, the new Oxford Handbook contains contributions from many Sound Sense members plus a chapter on "Community Music in the UK: Politics or Policies?" from former Director of Sound Sense, Kathryn Deane
Information Sheet
Contracts and the Community Musician, please note this information sheet is intended for guidance only. A contract is a legally binding agreement. The most effective contracts are in writing and signed by both parties.
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Sound Sense follows good practice in setting policies and procedures. Most are for internal use, but major public-facing policies are listed here for you to download.
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This template can be used when asking participants permission to record, film or photograph your work. It has been left unbranded, for you to download and tailor to your needs.
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This project management tool will help you plan your project in detail, which will enable you to be properly prepared when applying for funding. It has been left as a word document, for you to download and tailor to your needs.
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Here, we have uploaded two risk-assessment templates. One is advanced, to be used for a full production for example. The other is a Health & Safety checklist, designed for use in workshop settings. These resources have been left unbranded for you to download and tailor to your needs
If you collect personal data from participants in your music projects, or from your audience members or supporters, then you need to make sure that you comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new law comes into force in May 2018, and Sound Sense has collated a list of resources to help you work toward compliance.

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