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Here, we have uploaded two risk-assessment templates. One is advanced, to be used for a full production for example. The other is a Health & Safety checklist, designed for use in workshop settings. These resources have been left unbranded for you to download and tailor to your needs
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This project management tool will help you plan your project in detail, which will enable you to be properly prepared when applying for funding. It has been left as a word document, for you to download and tailor to your needs.
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This template can be used when asking participants permission to record, film or photograph your work. It has been left unbranded, for you to download and tailor to your needs.
A one-stop-shop signposting to organisations, initiatives, research documents and more around the subject of accessible music education. From Sound Sense member Drake Music and Drake Music Scotland.
A guide produced by Streetwise Opera's evaluation consultant Diana Parkinson, commissioned by With One Voice, the international arts and homelessness movement
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Here at Sound Sense we organise our work in corporate plans, each lasting three to four years. Our current plan is 'Improving community music 2015 - 2018' and is the result of over a year's work by the board and ordinary members, including workshops, conversations and debates.
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Sound Sense follows good practice in setting policies and procedures. Most are for internal use, but major public-facing policies are listed here for you to download.
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The Power of Equality 2 front cover
Sound Sense’s comprehensive report on Youth Music's flagship Musical Inclusion programme calls for greater advocacy for musical inclusion, and more attention to the development of musicians and managers
Information Sheet
Contracts and the Community Musician, please note this information sheet is intended for guidance only. A contract is a legally binding agreement. The most effective contracts are in writing and signed by both parties.
Information Sheet
Community Music involves professional musicians from any musical discipline working with groups of people to enable them to develop active and creative participation in music, it is also concerned with putting equal opportunities into practice. Community Music can happen in all types of community and reflects the context in which it takes place.

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