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Introducing Team 2021
Date posted: 28 October 2020

Hello Sound Sensers!

I’m Jess Abrams – Edinburgh-based Music Practitioner, Educator, Musician and now Chair of Sound Sense. I’m so delighted and honoured to step into the role.

We recently held our 2020 AGM online, where Siggy Patchitt handed over the reins. Siggy, I’d like to say a big thank you for being our Chair for the last three years – you’ve steered us with skill and commitment, especially through recent challenging times. Also at the AGM we welcomed two new Board members Mark Bick (Gloucestershire) and Ashleigh Lowes (Sunderland), as well as two re-elected members Tim Palmer (London) and Marina Perryman (Brighton). You can read about all of us on the MEET THE TEAM page. Finally, as if that isn’t enough, we welcomed Rebecca Denniff (Yorkshire) and Ceri Tippetts (Cardiff) into the roles of joint Vice-Chairs: I am thrilled to have Wales, England and Scotland all represented in our leadership.

I’ve been on the board for several years now and a member of Sound Sense for far longer. It has, and continues to be, a pillar to me in my sense of belonging to a community – something bigger than me and something that stands up for and with me. My hope is that, as Chair, I can continue to support the field, and further connect our community.

Over the last while, the Board have been reflecting on how to strengthen our support for community musicians in 2021 and beyond. We all agree that at the core of this are our services for members, as well as boosting the connections, resources and CPD for our diverse sector.

Part of this reflective process has been to explore the model that Sound Sense has operated for the last decade or so. This has led to the design of a new structure with current team members Åsa Malmsten and Clare Adams moving into new roles that play to their skills and strengths. From 1 December, Clare will be our General Manager while Åsa will become our Partnership Manager. Our vision is a more equitable and sustainable way of working that will enable us to better serve our membership and sector. Excitingly, we’re also recruiting a new team member in the role of Communications Officer. Find out more about this new position, and other community music job opportunities, on our JOBS & CAREERS page.

It feels more important than ever to stay connected and share stories and practice, to support each other and know that while many of us work alone out in the field we are, in fact, part of a resilient and thriving community. Please send us your stories, news, and opportunities so we can continue to disseminate them into our wider community via Bulletin Board, Sounding Board, our website and of course on social media.

FINALLY… our next GATHERING is on Tuesday 3 November with me as your host. I would LOVE to meet more Sound Sense members and hear your thoughts about the role Sound Sense plays or could play in your work.

Looking forward,