• Music for Dementia and UK Music release the Power of Music Report
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Community Musicians and the Power of Music
Date posted: 26 July 2022
In April 2022 the Power of Music report was launched rigorously evidencing the value of music to all in society across social and health care. Sound Sense member Thea Jacob breaks down the report, clearly outlining a call to action to our community musician workforce, who are already well-established and skilled in using music to improve health and wellbeing.

On 1st July 2022, 42 Integrated Care System regions will become statutory, covering the whole of England, radically reshaping the commissioning of services to support physical and mental health across UK society.

ICSs are partnerships of organisations that come together to plan and deliver joined up, local, health and care services.

The Power of Music campaign promotes “increased integration of music as a core offer of health and social care”, “written into all relevant government strategies e.g. the national dementia strategy, learning disabilities, autism, mental health, child development – even Levelling Up”

These two major programmes are a clarion call to community musicians. We are key members of the professional workforce already established, committed and skilled in using music to improve health and wellbeing.

Here are some ways you can take action:

  • Identify your ICS region and key links and then contact them directly: get on their mailing lists and participate in their forums and networks
  • Share with them your case studies, availability and collaborative links
  • Spread the word about the Power of Music campaign
  • Show your support by adding your name to the Music for Dementia campaign. UK music and The Utley Foundation are using this to evidence public and professional support for the impact diverse musical interventions can have in areas of enormous need, such as living with dementia. The next phase of the wider campaign is in the works
  • Get your MP on board. They need to promote and support the Power of Music campaign in parliament. It will benefit their constituents so they should be keen to engage
  • Network locally and through your wider connections
  • Raise your profile and that of community musicians as a valuable, established resource, available to join the Integrated Care System roll out, delivering the Power of Music to all aspects of society – social, health, care, commercial and economic

The Power of Music campaign deserves huge and active support from our sector. It is extremely timely and important that we "bang the drum" for community music with the Government's latest Integrated Care System reorganisation. We need to be at that table!


You can read Thea's full article in the June issue of Sounding Board, the journal of community music. Sounding Board is a rich source of shared community music practice, research, information and inspiration from across our sector that is for and by Sound Sense members. Get in touch with us today to chat about joining the Sound Sense family of music practitioners - we would love to hear from you.