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Sounding Board
  • Connecting worlds The power of music making experiences in prison and post-release Changing Tunes
  • Smooth transitions Research on how music can help young people with SEN/D feel in control Kim Perkins and Kirsty Mees
  • Member interview Janice Turley; Founder and leader of Waltham House Steelband for people with sight and hearing loss Amy Hill
  • New voices chanting for change A journey through the North West sound archives to create original works around the theme of protest More Music
  • A pillar of support and evidence The what, how and why of setting up the Singing for Health Network Emily Foulkes
  • Self expression and connection through rap Thoughts and experiences on the power of rap to connect with young men in prison Xidus Pain
  • Training the Community Musician 2022 The programme for our two days together in Bristol and how to get tickets Sound Sense
  • About us Essential information and contact details
Sounding Board
  • Putting practitioner wellness first How taking care of ourselves and each other should be at the core of community music practice Rachael Perrin
  • The who, what, where and why of training Introducing our new series exploring the training and development of community musicians Jess Abrams
  • Member Interview Richard Clegg, CEO of Community Music, one of the UK's first community music training organisations Amy Hill
  • Why analyse the impact of making bleepy noises with kids in studios? Demystifying community music data collection Simon Glenister
  • Embedding music in dementia care Putting music facilitation in the hands of caregivers Rosie Mead
  • What's On A round-up of upcoming Sound Sense events
  • About us Essential information and contact details
Sounding Board
  • Reflections from our chair On serving Sound Sense and using her voice to give back to the field of community music Jess Abrams
  • Embracing the ‘new normal’ in community music practice Thoughts on how we make the best of new found skills and technology to further empower our participants Mark Bick
  • Member Interview Bryony Harris, Director of Cardiff-based member organisation Arts Active Amy Hill
  • Anchoring my identity as a community musician The experience of a recent graduate in a locked-down world and how joining the Sound Sense board helped her stay connected Shannon Stevenson
  • How music services benefit when they contract a wider range of music practitioners Diversifying music delivery for the long term Michael Davidson & Anita Holford
  • What noise do you want to make for climate change? The launch of Oi Musica's Let It Grow community music campaign for COP26 Oli Furness
  • About us Essential information and contact details
Sounding Board
  • Nourishing the community with food and music How food provision has paved the way for vital  conversations about music-making Rebecca Denniff
  • How a community told its story through opera Exploring the techniques and methods in a co-created production Oliver Rudland
  • Member Interview Tracey Vacher, NHS physiotherapist and community musician Amy Hill
  • Amplifying the voices of young people in Wales The launch of Anthem Music Fund and its Youth Music Forum Rhian Hutchings
  • Digital music-making with children in care Shared learnings and reflections on moving from in-person to online delivery Ryan Humphrey
  • Plugging into your community Sound Sense events and opportunities to expand and deepen your community music network
  • About us Essential information and contact details

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