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Sounding Board
  • Time to take stock and check in An open letter to community musicians Kathleen Turner
  • A postcard from Australia Experiences of working as a permanent and salaried music therapist for Alzheimer's Queensland Amy Hill
  • Musique pour le bien être Building a community music practice in Grenoble France Chris Cook
  • Evolving pathways into practice in Canada An overview of Laurier University's community music programme Lee Willingham & colleagues
  • Giving identity to community music in Germany The ins and outs of Munich-based Community Music Network Marie Karaisl
  • Supporting women survivors of gender violence Síncopas en Clave de Género; a Pamplona-based community music project Iñigo Mikeleiz Berrade
  • Connecting practitioners, ideas and concepts Our first two Community Music Connected events in Birmingham and Edinburgh Jess Abrams
  • Resources and events NEW member discount with Drums for Schools plus announcing the 1st Panhellenic Conference on Community Music
  • About us Essential information and contact details
Sounding Board
  • Hope and self-belief in the criminal justice system Participants of music making in prison and in post release share their reflections Changing Tunes
  • People with instruments How can music making help explore power structures and build stronger participant voice? Martin Milner
  • Song sharing communities of women The national movement for improved maternal mental health through singing Singing Mamas
  • Challenging Voices A review of Phil Mullen's new book on music making with children excluded from school Kathryn Deane
  • Show up, play music, have fun Interview with a participant of Edinburgh's EC Sessions Jess Abrams
  • Inclusive youth voice Young people as singing champions in the Hear Our Voice project Music Making SENse
  • Podcasting in practice The ins and outs of setting up, recording and releasing your own podcast Michael Fry
  • Sound Sense events Opportunities to connect this autumn/winter Sound Sense
  • About us Essential information and contact details
Sounding Board
  • The power of music on health and wellbeing The enormous potential for community musicians within the Integrated Care System Thea Jacob
  • Embracing mistakes with band mates Interview with Soundcastle about its mental health-friendly band, the People's Music Collective Hannah Dunster
  • Partnerships and social prescribing Strong relationships with local partners is at the core of More Music's arts and health programme Anna Daly
  • Irish traditional music and storytelling Using music to connect to their country of origin is helping people living with dementia Siubhán Macauley
  • Musicking for One Health Harnessing the health-giving values of music making and extending them to other species and our planet Dave Camlin
  • Musical roses, thorns and buds Bristol Beacon's definition of arts & health, its vibrant programme and tools for evidencing impact Giulia Bianchini
  • Innovations and insights Calls for more robust research critique at the singing for health research conference Emily Foulkes
  • Inclusive Practice In Action 2022 Reflections on curating this year's Sound Connections conference Brenda Rattray
  • Creating calm and connected spaces Community music in free public spaces, helping to ease pandemic-induced isolation and stress Xenia Horne
  • About Us Essential information and contact details
Sounding Board
  • A matured sense of purpose at TTCM 2022 Reflections and insights from our TTCM critical friend Graham Dowdall
  • Apprenticeships for musicians in healthcare Training and development for emerging practitioners in a children's hospital Jo White
  • Higher education routes to community music Students share how their university studies have helped shape their practice Jared Michaud, Ashleigh Lowes and Nicola Tagoe
  • Levelling up with Assistive Music Technology Bespoke training opportunities for emerging practitioners and music technologists Helena Bull
  • Who better to teach kids like me, than a kid like me? Interview with Soft Touch Arts music leader Tian Mhende and Joe Crofton
  • Finding my voice in community music Experiences of studying community music at Aberdeen University Kimberley Harper
  • A story of digital development and workforce training Embracing apps to increase access to music and practitioner development Rachel Pantin
  • International perspectives on the ‘emerging’ community musician Celebrating the breadth and depth of global work, challenging us to go further Phil Mullen
  • About us Essential information and contact details

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