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Sounding Board
  • Creating a space with Magic Acorns A dedicated early years creative study and play centre in Great Yarmouth Dr Jess Pitt and Sophie Fox
  • Working together with Shared Sounds A Youth Music-funded programme at The Bureau Centre for the Arts in Blackburn Victoria Holmes
  • This is the Place Improving outcomes for care-experienced children and young people Dr Ryan Humphrey
  • Into The Kaleidoscope How Devon-based Moor to Sea Music Collective created an immersive, child-led creative space Rachel Thame
  • All the Right Notes: Raven Tales An interactive story show of exploration, improvisation and sensory play Anni Tracy and Ben McCabe
  • Makin a Brew Using Scottish traditional rhymes, songs and stories to inspire early years music making Gica Loening and Claire McNicol
  • Early Years Music Scotland A series of professional development opportunities Dr Yvonne Wyroslawska
  • Diversity in Early Years Performance Making Findings from the report co-produced by Soundcastle and Spun Glass Theatre Rachael Perrin and Jessica Cheetham
  • NYMAZ and Noteweavers Early Years Music Conference Inclusion is the focus of this co-delivered event taking place in March Abby Seton
Sounding Board
  • Music for Healing A partnership between Yorkshire Youth and Music and Sheffield Children's Hospital Gail Dudson
  • Walking the Chalk Soundcastle and Walk the Chalk's musical excursion in nature Hannah Dunster
  • A Wellbeing Journey with Rap Yoga An interview with Sound Sense member and Rap Yoga founder Veronica Youdell Veronica Youdell and Claire Francis
  • The Creative Health Quality Framework Best practice in delivering quality creative projects Veronica Hume and Rosie Dow
  • Making Space for Music Creating special sonic sanctuaries to foster deep listening Xenia Horne
Sounding Board
  • Along the Shore A co-creative project in Orkney John Phillips
  • Celebrating IncFest Behind the scenes of this annual inclusive music festival in Gloucestershire Lee Holder
  • Songwriting: bringing families together Joyful connection through creative songwriting practice Kimberley Harper
  • Questioning quality Enjoyment and inclusion with Soundabout's choirs and Emerging Leaders Programme Ellen O'Brien
  • The EC Sessions A youth music project highlighting music and community in Edinburgh Jess Abrams
Sounding Board
  • Transformation (1): The Music Works A conversation about youth-led participation in practice Ben O'Sullivan & Jess Abrams
  • More Music celebrates 30 years The wonderful story of community music making in Morecambe Pete Moser
  • Making alternative provision work How Noise Solution is winning work within local authority frameworks Simon Glenister
  • Growing community, growing music CMVic are fostering and supporting practice in Victoria, Australia Craig Barry & Amy Hill
  • Breaking down barriers with accessible notation Drake Music Scotland is using colourful Figurenotes Lauren Clay & Rebecca Di Rollo
  • Transformation (2): Music making in alternative provision How music can make the difference for young people excluded from school Phil Mullen & Jess Abrams

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