Our mission: better participatory arts

Sound Sense is proud to be a founder member of ArtWorks Alliance (AWA), the strategic network of organisations and individuals working together to strengthen and support the participatory arts sector. AWA has a dedicated member mailing list for sharing and inviting information on key topics such as online safeguarding; organises virtual forums and gatherings for deeper knowledge exchange; and develops strategic initiatives directly from members’ interests.

Connectivity, collaboration and a collective voice for participatory artists and arts organisations is more vital than ever in our current Coronavirus context. Sound Sense is working with partners so that AWA is open for everyone who wants to share information, learn from each other’s experiences and create new ideas, projects and partnerships that otherwise wouldn’t happen.

While arts participation may be difficult right now, it will be crucial in the future for rebuilding a diverse and inclusive society. AWA is galvanising participatory artists and arts organisations UK wide from across all art forms, ways of working, settings and purposes to tackle issues best solved by working together and enrich impact through joint advocacy and action.

Want to be part of this movement? Find out more about ArtWorks Alliance and how you can join at