Our Partners & Supporters

To make most effective use of our resources, Sound Sense works in close partnership with other organisations, to fulfil our promise on research, advocacy & policy and training & CPD.

Our current partners are:

ArtWorks Alliance
We are organisations with strategic interests in participatory arts, including community arts, socially-engaged arts, voluntary arts, and arts in education and learning. We come together as ArtWorks Alliance to help participatory arts in the UK become better.
ICCM, York, St Johns University
International Centre for Community Music aims to provide a global forum through which community music research, teaching, scholarship, professional practice and pedagogy can be nurtured and developed.
The Music Education Council acts as a medium for bringing together in a working relationship those organisations and institutions in the United Kingdom involved in music education and music education training, thereby creating a common meeting ground and opportunities for the exchange of information and the promotion of joint or connected activities.
Live Music Now
Live Music Now works with a very diverse range of people that rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to experience live music - some of whom are very disadvantaged. They often face difficulties in communicating, cut off from the joy and pleasures of participating and sharing with others.

Our current supporters are:

Baring Foundation
We are an independent foundation working to improve the quality of life of people experiencing disadvantage and discrimination.
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