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Sound Sense Gathering: connecting our community
Date posted: 14 October 2021
Join Sound Sense live online for our series of monthly gatherings for community musicians

Sound Sense Gatherings take place on an evening during the first week of the month - the day will alternate to give people more opportunity to attend based on their schedule.

This space provides us with the opportunity to connect as a community and to talk about what matters to us. These sessions are to share passions, stories, experiences, explore ideas and ask questions. Hosts will sometimes come with a theme or idea, but whatever happens in the space is the right thing to happen (Open Space theory). Just bring yourself and perhaps a cup of something tasty!

Sessions run from 7pm - 8.30pm (BST) every month via Zoom.

Our next Gathering is Wednesday 3 November. Email gathering@soundsense.org if you’d like to join us and you will be sent a link on the day of the Gathering (if you’ve already attended, you don’t need to email, we’ll just send you the link every time).

Conversations and musings from our October Gathering:

  • How is everyone doing with mask wearing? How are we feeling in general delivering in-person?
  • Ideas for how one attendee could spend their £500 funding...which led on to discussions about knowing our worth and value and not under-selling ourselves.
  • Have we changed as a practitioner, or has our practice changed, since COVID?


We are looking forward to connecting again on Wednesday 3 November!