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Sound Sense Gathering: connecting our community
Date posted: 11 January 2021
Join Sound Sense live online for our new series of monthly gatherings for community musicians

Sound Sense Gatherings are now taking place in the evening on the first Tuesday of the month. This space provides us with the opportunity to connect as a community and to talk about what matters to us. These sessions are to share passions, stories, experiences, explore ideas and ask questions. Hosts will sometimes come with a theme or idea, but whatever happens in the space is the right thing to happen (Open Space theory). Just bring yourself and perhaps a cup of something tasty!

Sessions run from 7pm - 8.30pm (BST) on the first Tuesday of every month via Zoom.

Our next Gathering is on Tuesday 2 February at 7pm. Email gathering@soundsense.org if you’d like to join us and you will be sent a link on the day of the Gathering (if you’ve already attended, you don’t need to email, we’ll just send you the link every time).


Discussions from our January Gathering

Not surprisingly, our conversations revolved mostly around the topic of digital music delivery and how we can approach it so it's an enjoyable and inclusive experience for our music-making participants, as well as US, the practitioners.

Here are just some of the points raised by our community musician attendees:

  • The move to online has been easier for some members with pre-existing groups where relationships are already established
  • What about those participants who won’t engage with online delivery, how can we reach them?
  • Giving participants lots of support and extra time to work through tech issues so as to ensure they can take part fully and enjoy the session. Also talking through options of how they’d like to take part e.g. is Zoom preferred? One-to-one or group sessions?
  • Zoom has given us access to a wealth of new people from around the world but has limited the access for others who can't or don't want to engage online
  • Should we, as community musicians, be pushing for ways of bringing safe in-person music to those who are hard to reach, isolated and/or vulnerable and who won’t engage digitally?
  • It would be very interesting to see some research/study of how our working practices have changed and what the outcomes have been for both practitioners and participants.
  • A concern that - once we are able to return- our face-to-face work will be seen as the ‘expensive’ option and the online version will be a cheaper alternative simply due to the often shorter contact time involved in online delivery. All agreed online delivery is just as time and energy intensive (if not more so) than in-person.
  • A whole new skill-set is involved with online facilitation. Community musicians are learning loads of new skills and at a very fast pace!
  • There won't be a 'back to normal' delivery, as such, but an evolution of music delivery which will see projects being delivered in a blended way; part online part in-person
  • We all miss the 3D human connection aspect of in-person delivery very much


One of our member attendees commented after the session:

"What a great session this was - I was really tired but I left the gathering feeling buoyed up and energised."


We are looking forward to connecting again on 2 February!