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Exploring Science Through the Arts with Young People
29 March 2019 - 30 March 2019
Over this two day symposium, RESEO invites arts education practitioners and teachers to the beautiful city of Porto and offers the opportunity to explore the sciences through arts practice and to discover the outcomes of the SPACE Erasmus Plus project

This symposium has been designed for artists who work with young people and have an interest in exploring science through the arts, teachers who want to explore STEAM education, and education managers who want to understand how to combine arts and sciences in their programs.

DAY ONE - find out about Write a Science Opera, explore STEAM integration practically together and discuss how this could be used in our own practice.

DAY TWO - join the final event of the SPACE Project: STEAM Education - Recipes for Creative Classrooms. Find out more about the outcomes of the project - the SPACE musical app for use in the classroom, the SPACE pedagogical framework and Write a Science Opera guidebook.

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Porto, Portugal