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Located in West Yorkshire, UK and available to work Locally, Regionally, Nationally, Internationally.
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I am both an experienced body psychotherapist currently specialising in somatic dance and movement, and a trained community rhythm facilitator (Arthur Hull's Village Music Circles). I have worked in Mental Health and community settings for the past 22 years and as I increasingly moved towards the medium of drumming, rhythm, moving, I created Core-Beat Rhythm Calls, the name for my music circles programmes and workshops. I like calling myself a 'music maker', both as a folk singer-song writer (in the duo Water and Earth) and because of my passion to support people's participation and sharing in our natural musical creativity for cohesion, social change and well-being. I facilitate Rhythmical group sessions that make use of drums and other percussion, dance and song, in a wide range of settings, community, organisations and teams. These Rhythm Circles can be tailor-made to each group. Focus can range from play and developing rhythmical skills, to aiding recovery and healing, to supporting a team’s work and development or just to celebrating! I also work individually with drums, percussion and sound making in one-to-one sessions for recovering and well being when this feels more appropriate or suitable. I am happy to collaborate to ongoing projects, to facilitate one off rhythm circles, to create longer evolving programmes or to be part of a themed event. Just get in touch with your vision or ideas and I will be very happy to discuss and shape these up with you , your group or your organisation.