Job & Career Opportunities
Artist Out of Residence
Location: Hampshire / online
Deadline: 01 June 2020
spudWORKS is offering the opportunity for a socially engaged artist with a track record in working intergenerationally to take up an artists’ residency exploring intergenerational interactivity across distance in a time of pandemic

Themes of the Residency

The current crisis has necessitated a rethink of our proposed two year artist residency programme to work within the framework of the current crisis and the limitations this places on physical interaction. Our programme was already focusing on older people in the local rural community, particularly those in social isolation, with the measures for social distancing introduced this work becomes more important than ever, but with new challenges for reaching people. Grandparents are separated from their grandchildren, older people living remotely may have no family locally, we want an artist to explore ways of young and old interacting imaginatively and creatively across the generations within social distancing guidelines.

At the same time to support a socially engaged artist to develop their own work in collaboration with the community around Sway and the New Forest, bring quality work to the community and developing an excellent range of virtual and live activities for young and old.

Artists Roles and Responsibilities

  • To develop work in line with our ethos
  • To engage older, more isolated, people through means that are relevant and accessible to them
  • To engage young people in socially distanced and/or online creative activities with older people
  • To liaise with the project administrator about engagement opportunities
  • At all times to work within the Government Guidelines on social distancing to ensure the safety of themselves and the communities they are engaging with
  • To liaise with the Project Administrator and the Trustees to agree that the proposed activities are in line with Health and Safety issues surrounding the spread of Coronavirus as and when restrictions begin to ease.



The budget for the project is £4500 – this is notionally broken down as:
Artist’s fees: 20 days @ £200 - £4000
Supporting materials and travel (if it becomes possible within the timeframe) - £500


More information and how to apply at: