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Working alongside people with dementia: 'Connecting'
26 September 2023
The final session in a new training course from Sounds Better CIC

Building on the success of their pre-pandemic training days, Sounds Better CIC (formerly Music for Wellbeing CIC) have launched a new, developed and expanded training course in Working Musically Alongside People with Dementia.

Taking place face to face over 4 days in the Salisbury area from March - September 2023 the course will take you from an introductory level to more advanced skills and ideas, including planning and reflecting models. You will be able to implement activities and ideas immediately, developing over time, working with a group of people with dementia, and connecting with others in the field.

This final day of the course will connect the threads of the previous training days together, and offer the opportunity to work musically alongside people living with dementia. This day will be held in Downton at the Sherwood Room, Wick Lane, Downton SP5 3NF with our regular music group.

Please note, it will not be possible to attend this day as a standalone option. Requirements for participation include attending at least one of the previous training days, alongside being experienced in community music and dementia. Thank you for your understanding.


Venue Details:
Salisbury and South Wilts Sports Club, Wilton Road, Salisbury, SP2 9NY