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Unlocking our Sound Heritage Workshops
07 September 2021 - 28 September 2021
The British Library has launched a UK-wide project that aims to preserve the nation’s rare and unique sound recordings. In line with this project, it is hosting a series of training workshops to help collection holders understand and care for their sound archives

The Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project – part of the Save our Sounds programme – aims to preserve and provide access to thousands of the UK's rare and unique sound recordings: not just those in our collections but also key items from partner collections across the UK.

Now into its fourth year, the ambitious, five-year project is increasing awareness and enjoyment of sound today, while safeguarding the UK's long-term capacity to care for and use audio collections.In line with these goals, a series of training workshops have been developed to help collection holders care for their sound archives and offer advice and information to those who may be interested in sound stores.

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