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UK, South West England
Training the Community Musician 2022
21 February 2022 - 22 February 2022

Sound Sense's 3rd TTCM symposium will explore How do we prepare community musicians for the challenges of 21st century practice?

Held in partnership with University of Aberdeen and Bristol Music Trust. Our call for ideas is open until 31 August.

Our third Training the Community Musician (TTCM) symposium will be held at Bristol Beacon, hosted by Sound Sense member Bristol Music Trust. As in previous years, TTCM 2022 will embrace an ethos of provocation and inclusivity using Open Space. In addition to the Open Space sessions, we are inviting people to submit an idea for a session (e.g. workshop, poster, presentation, be inventive/creative...) that shares with us your response to the question: How do we prepare community musicians for the challenges of 21st-century practice?

To offer an idea for TTCM 2022 or to discuss your idea further please email chris.gray@abdn.ac.uk and please CC info@soundsense.org. Ideas should be submitted by 31 August, including title, format, duration, resources required, a 200-300 word outline, and up to six keywords. We look forward to continuing the TTCM conversation with you!

Bookings will open later in 2021.

Venue Details:
Bristol Beacon
Trenchard Street, Bristol, BS1 5AR