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Teach Meet: Taking your Participatory Music Online – Learnings
22 July 2021
A meeting of music teachers and facilitators who have made the move to online delivery. They will share their learnings and tips with those looking to take their participatory music-making online

During the pandemic, many music educators and facilitators have started to take their practice online but it is not always easy to imagine how to make the move. Those who teach are invited to meet with colleagues who have begun to make this move.

In this teachmeet style session, participants will share their learnings about taking participatory music online – some 7 minutes and some 2 minutes, informal or formal if you prefer. We have room for a couple more 2 minute sharings if you would like to contact Catherine.pestano@open.ac.uk

Speakers so far include people taking music tech mentoring online, changing up work with someone with disabilities from face to face to online, arts award online, and learning to create community singing with isolated adults over zoom.

This is a free-to-attend event and there is no need to book.

Session takes place at 12pm.

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Online via Zoom