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Strategies for change: Beyond the buzzwords
08 February 2022
Sound Connections hosts this event in which participants will reflect on the changes they believe need to be made in the music industry beyond buzzwords like equality, diversity, and inclusion which can become fluffy and ambiguous in meaning

Through discussion, provocation and reflection participants will formulate much clearer and specific changes they wish to make in their institutions/industry, and alongside this, strategies to see such changes through – often a missing ingredient in change-making. It is through strategising collectively and being specific that we can action change and take the power to make it, into our own hands.

Curated by Brenda Rattray and led by Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan and Remi Fox-Novák, in this session you will:

  • Critically re-assess your assumptions about buzzwords like equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Formulate much clearer and specific aims for change alongside strategies to push them through
  • Practice collective strategy-making and planning to pre-empt the sorts of responses institutions often have to change-makers

Cost: £25 – Individuals/freelancers; £35 – Organisations with a turnover of less than £100k; £45 – Organisations with a turnover of more than £100k

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Online via Zoom