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Social Arts Practice – modes of artistic leadership with The Messengers
18 March 2024
ResearchWorks - Guildhall School of Music & Drama is presenting work with band The Messengers, involving people who are homeless/in temporary accommodation, students, and professional artists
In this free online presentation Sigrún and Jo share insights from a collaborative composition project with The Messengers; a band made up of Higher Education students, people who are homeless or in temporary accommodation, and professional artists. This project formed part of a practice research pilot study undertaken by Sigrún to consider artistic leadership processes and ethical quandaries within facilitative practice. Through video, audio and dialogue they will unpack ways in which the band makes music together. This includes four main types of activities and associated modes of social arts practice leadership; 1) negotiations, 2) the chaos, 3) hands-on leadership, and 4) hands-off leadership, which are considered alongside the impact on group dynamics, individual engagement and opportunities, and artistic outputs.

For more information visit www.gsmd.ac.uk/whats-on/researchworks-social-arts-practice-modes-of-artistic-leadership-with-the-messengers
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