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West Midlands
Singing for Lung Health
09 November 2019 - 11 November 2019
The Musical Breath's standard 3 day Singing for Lung Health training supported by the British Lung Foundation

Course content will include:

  • The Body – The importance of physical activity and expression, the cycle of inactivity, how movement patterns impact on breathing patterns.
  • The Breath – The anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system, chronic lung conditions, dysfunctional breathing patterns, the holistic nature of the breath, how we breathe to sing
  • The Voice – Anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism, how chronic lung conditions impact the singing voice, how to extend the exhale, a toolkit to work with aging voices and dysphonia
  • Music and Movement – How to work creatively and appropriately through music with physical, vocal and breathing warm-ups, sung repertoire and guided relaxation to support those with chronic lung conditions to manage breathlessness
  • Observing a typical ‘live’ session with participants with chronic lung conditions
    Basic information on setting up a group in the community
  • Sharing best practice and practical examples with peers
  • Singing for Breathing CD, “This is a Voice” book, Handouts, Invitation to Dropbox with additional resources and a closed FB group with over 100 other trained Singing for Lung Health leaders providing ongoing peer support.

Delivered by
Phoene Cave: Music Therapist, Clinical Supervisor, Singing for Lung Health trainer for the British Lung Foundation.
Adam Lewis: Research Respiratory Physiotherapist and Lecturer.

Cost: £375



Venue Details:
Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham