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Singing for health and trauma
13 January 2021 - 10 February 2021
Voice Workshop is running a course for singing and voice practitioners to equip them with knowledge and practical skills to understand how singing can promote mental health and well-being

A course which combines research, theory and practice to equip singing and voice practitioners with knowledge and practical skills to understand how singing can promote mental health and well-being.

This course, taken as a standalone, does not provide certification or a qualification but aims to give a solid understanding of trauma and mental health in order to enhance practice and skills.

Sessions will be a combination of tutor led presentations and practical activity as well as student discussions and sharing in break out rooms.

SESSION 1 - JANUARY 13, 5pm-7pm (UK time)
Exploring the Research

  • About mental health and mental illness – definitions and understanding (including the impact of the pandemic)
  • Singing and mental health – research overview and case studies

SESSION 2 – JANUARY 20, 5pm-7pm (UK time)
The Neuroscience of Trauma

  •  The ACEs study and impact of Trauma on brain and body
  • Understanding primal emotions and links with voice
  • The Window of Tolerance and Polyvagal Theory

SESSION 3 – JANUARY 27, 5pm-7pm (UK time)

  • Research and evidence-based principles and approaches for trauma informed voice and singing practice
  • Practical exploration of some of these principles through practise, discussion and exploration in more detail. What do these principles look like in the studio, class or setting?

SESSION 4 - FEBRUARY 3, 5pm-7pm (UK time)

  • What are the key skills and attributes for practitioners?
  • Developing and honing empathy skills – how to not ‘fix’ problems
  • Adapting to environments (e.g., face to face, online, different settings, individual and groups)
  • Practitioner well-being. How can we best protect and look after ourselves and our own mental health as practitioners? Exploration of ‘compassion fatigue’ and the impacts of burn out.

SESSION 5 - FEBRUARY 10, 5pm-7pm (UK time)
Consolidation & Reflection

  • Reviewing and reflecting on the learning and steps to putting it into practice
  • Reflective practice – what does it mean and how do we do it?
  • Practising and sharing techniques and concepts and reflecting on our own experiences


For more information and to book your place visit voiceworkshop.co.uk or email info@voiceworkshop.co.uk



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