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Rethinking Classical Music Practice
25 November 2021 - 27 November 2021
An online conference hosted by Platform Music Education Austria, that will discuss and explore the opportunities, goals and obstacles for both audience and community engagement in classical music on an international level

International studies have shown that only 5-15% of the population in Europe and the US regularly attend classical concerts. The average concertgoer is white, 55+, affluent and well-educated. These statistics show that classical concerts not only have been but still are places of and occasions for distinction and bourgeois self-assurance and that they do not attract a large portion of people in today’s diverse late modern society.

Over three days, the conference will feature lectures and presentations from experienced practitioners and researchers from around the world exploring ways of reimagining classical music for greater community and audience engagement.

Please note that simultaneous interpreting (English <-> German) will be offered.

For more information including the full program and how to register your place, please visit: mdw.ac.at/pmoe2021

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