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Musical, Personal, Social: Music work with young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues
02 May 2018
Dr Phil Mullen (a Sound Sense member) is giving this lecture as part of the Douglas Alfred Bunce Memorial Lecture Series 2018

The Centre for Arts as Wellbeing is excited to host Dr Phil Mullen at the University of Winchester, who will be presenting a lecture entitled:

'Musical, Personal, Social: Music work with young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues'

The effect of certain approaches to music participation and education on supporting personal growth as well as developing social skills have been noted by a number of researchers including Hallam (2015) and Lonie  (2013).  In addition, there are numerous impact studies on the positive effects of music work with children in challenging circumstances in England, as well as case studies of how involvement in music has positively transformed the lives of young people at risk. Until very recently however little has been published on how best to work with such young people to foster positive change.

Drawing on many years practice with the most vulnerable children and young people in society, as well as his PHD research into music work with young people excluded from school because of challenging behaviour, Phil Mullen will outline both the potential effects of musical involvement on young people with social, emotional and mental health issues and also the ways of working he and other community musicians use to establish trust and encourage engagement, ownership and change.

This event is FREE to attend, however, please use the link below to secure your place.


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University of Winchester