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Mindfulness for Musicians
03 September 2022 - 29 October 2022
Sound Sense member Susanne Olbrich is hosting this eight-week training course exploring ways of bringing a mindfulness practice into your musical life and cultivating more clarity, creativity and emotional wellbeing

Mindfulness practice has plenty to offer musicians. It has been shown to benefit performing, practising, teaching and composing. This course offers fresh perspectives on common issues in musicians’ lives – performance anxiety, mind wandering while practising, instrument-specific strains, to name just a few.

The course is a collaboration of Susanne Olbrich, musician and qualified mindfulness teacher, and EPTA UK (European Piano Teachers Association). It is for musicians who would like to:

  • develop clarity, focus and presence
  • cultivate mental and emotional wellbeing
  • boost creativity
  • fine tune body awareness
  • deal more effectively and kindly with stress and challenges
  • improve relationships with pupils and audiences

You will learn key principles and a range of practices to bring mindfulness into your daily life and musical activities.

Practices include:

  • Sound meditation
  • Body scan
  • Breathing meditation
  • Walking meditation
  • Mindful movements

This course combines in-person and online learning. It consists of four half-day workshops in person in Edinburgh (Saturdays 3rd & 17th September, 1st & 29th October at 1-5pm) and three 1-hour online classes (Saturdays 10th & 24th September, 8th October at 4-5pm).

Get a taste for Susanne's mindfulness for musicians work in her introductory webinar.

For more information and to book (places are limited to 15) please visit:

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Edinburgh and online