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Making Music with Special Children
09 November 2023 - 14 November 2023
This popular course from Jessie's Fund will explore how music can help you to communicate with children who have special needs or disabilities
The course is open to anyone working with children who have additional needs, complex needs, or life-shortening illness: whether you’re a musical novice or have some experience you will go away with plenty of ideas and techniques to put into practice in your work. We aim to give you the skills and confidence to make music with children. If you are a very accomplished musician this may not be the course for you, though previous participants wishing to expand their practice to work with children with special needs have found it enlightening. For those working in settings without a music specialist this support will be especially needed, but even where there is a trained musician to hand your new-found skills will prove invaluable.

Our courses are returning to the previous format of two full days in person in both York and London. There will be two courses.
Course 1 will take place at Jacksons Lane Arts Centre, Highgate, North London on Thursday 9th November and Friday 10th November from 10-5. Course 2 will take place at the Priory Street Centre in York on Monday 13th November and Tuesday 14th November from 10-5. Jessie’s Fund is able to subsidise the course thanks to a grant from a charitable foundation. Your contribution for the whole two-day course will be just £80, including refreshments and a light lunch on both days.

For more information visit https://jessiesfund.org.uk/our-work/training-course/
Venue Details:
Jacksons Lane Arts Centre, North London & Priory Street Centre, York