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Make Music Day UK
21 June 2024
Make Music Day UK is an annual celebration of music-making that takes place in communities across the world on 21 June
Make Music Day builds on a concept started in France in 1982 – that a day each year should be dedicated to music, with no barriers to people playing and enjoying live performance – and has now spread to more than 125 countries.

The ‘rules’ of Make Music Day are very simple:
1. Events and activities must be free to take part in and watch
2. Events must take place or premier on 21st June
3. Events must involve music

This means that events can be online or in-person, can be professional or for beginners, can be any genre, any scale, and involve everyone and anyone.

For more information and to register your event visit makemusicday.co.uk/
Venue Details:
Online and in person, UK wide