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UK, Yorkshire & Humberside
Irish History Month
01 March 2023 - 31 March 2023
The month of March is Irish History Month, an initiative of Sound Sense member the Irish Arts Foundation in Leeds

Irish History Month exists to promote the many positive contributions that Irish people have made in Leeds and also to introduce new audiences to the vibrancy of Irish arts, heritage, culture, and history. Music features prominently in the programme, including:

A morning of traditional Irish music hosted by local singers and musicians takes place at Richmond Hill Community Centre in East Leeds on the morning of Thursday 2 March. The area of Richmond Hill, historically known as ‘The Bank’, was the first area of settlement for the Leeds Irish community who arrived in the city during the Irish famine between 1845 and 1849.

An early evening of traditional Irish music- ‘Rush Hour Trad’- hosted by local musicians takes place at The Terminus in Meanwood on Friday 24 March.

‘Exploring the Musical Crossover between Ireland, Yorkshire and Lancashire’ in collaboration with Leeds Museums and Galleries on Friday 31 March at Armley Mills Industrial Museum in Leeds. The North of England has a long history of instrumental folk music that was heavily influenced by the music of Ireland and the powerful rhythms of the weaving mills of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Many Irish immigrants passed through or settled in Leeds during and after the Great Hunger 1845-1852 (also referred to as ‘The Irish Famine’) and were heavily employed in the local textile industry. Three northern musicians, fiddle players Mikey Kenney and Owen Spafford with Stuart Graham on Bouzouki, will perform and discuss the influences and music of Yorkshire and Lancashire following completion of research that was supported by Arts Council England.

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