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Inclusive Practitioner CME: Induction and Disability Equality Training
08 September 2021
Bristol Beacon facilitates this training day which is the introduction to the Inclusive Practitioner Certificate for Music Educators training course. It can be taken a stand-alone course

This induction and awareness training is part of the The Inclusive Practitioner for Music Educators level 4 qualification which is accredited by Trinity College, London. It can be taken as part of the CME or as a stand-alone one-day training course.

About this one-day session:

It will offer the chance to meet course facilitators and fellow learners. The afternoon session will address key issues for music practitioners working with disabled people, such as the social model of disability, appropriate use of language, and how to remove barriers to people’s participation.

Cost for this day course is £35 or it can be taken as part of the full Certificate of Music Educators course at a rate of £500.

Session runs from 10.am - 5pm.

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Venue Details:
Bristol Plays Music Southmead