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ICCM Presents: Music? Explorations into terminology and its implications
06 May 2021
Community musician and researcher Marion Haak-Schulenburg explores how we use the term 'music'. Based on her PhD research, Marion will discuss different traditions of thought, using examples from two music projects based in Palestine

In the third session of our community music and ethics series, we take a deeper look into the most basic word we use to talk about our projects and our practice: “music”.

We will think about questions like, What is “music” in your practice/projects? And, why does “music” help?

Based on her PhD research, Marion Haak-Schulenburg offers an exploration and a reflection of how we use the term “music” and how different discursive origins and traditions of thought can be found for the claims we make in regards to music’s positive impact. Using the examples of two music projects based in Palestine, she traces how the idea of “music” and its positive effects shapes the reality of the projects and which unrecognized implications might be carried along.

The event will run from 2:00pm-3.30pm (3:00pm - 4:00pm, CEST). We will open the room from 1.50pm to allow 10 minutes for set-up time, to say hello and to ensure a prompt start.

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