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Gender Awareness in Music Therapy
28 March 2023
A Chiltern Music Therapy training for music therapists and community musicians who want a better understanding of gender identity issues and/or want to do gender-affirming work

This training provides a comprehensive summary of the gender spectrum and a more in-depth look at how cisgender therapists can work sensitively with gender-non-conforming, transgender, and non-binary clients. It will give an overview of some of the reasons why gender-non-conforming people may want to access arts therapies (e.g. mental health, dysphoria, voice changes, neurodiversity) and give participants the opportunity to explore scenarios of clinical work with this population.

This training is led by Alice Nicholls (they/she) who will draw on their professional and personal experience of working as a non-binary music therapist.

‍Participants will learn:

  • ‍A greater understanding of the gender spectrum
  • A greater understanding of the unique challenges faced by gender-non-conforming clients and therapists
  • How to challenge their assumptions around gender without judgement towards clients and ourselves
  • A sensitive approach to working with issues of gender, with clients and in wider work contexts


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