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Exploring Racial Justice through Music: The Gahu Project
02 October 2020
The second event of five in the ICCM Presents autumn series, led by the Gahu Project team from Canada

Join this Canadian project team to explore the possibilities of integrating racial justice and community music. The webinar will focus on the team’s experience implementing The Gahu Project in 2019, in which 400 youth participated in workshops that integrated racial justice education and Gahu, a form of drumming, dancing and singing from the Ewe people of Ghana. The webinar will introduce interactive components of the Gahu workshop, present research findings from the project, and open up conversation on the challenges and possibilities of centering African, Caribbean, and Black communities in music projects.

The Gahu Project team leading the webinar includes: Fanis Juma-Radstake (racial justice educator/researcher), Brennan Connolly (artistic director), Josh Hill (project manager), Funke Oba (researcher), and Deanna Yerichuk (researcher). The Gahu Project is supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.


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