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Early Years Incubate with Helena Rodrigues
14 July 2023 - 15 July 2023
Magic Acorns is holding Early Years Incubate, a two day creative professional development opportunity with Companhia de Mu´sica Teatral

Early Years Incubate is a very special one-off professional development opportunity to work with Helena Rodrigues of Companhia de Música Teatral , Portugal.
H?elena is a founder of Companhia de Mu´sica Teatral, a group that has music at the root of interdisciplinary practice and that has been internationally acclaimed for their unique “artistic and educational constellations”.
She has been leading an innovative approach to training based on immersive experiences and on what she defines as “opening the gates on communicative musicality”. Physical theatre, somatic education and free play are at the core of this approach.
This is a unique opportunity to work with Companhia de Mu´sica Teatral in the UK.
O?ver the two days we will explore listening, silence, voice, movement. Searching for togetherness and authenticity, we will awaken "organic musicianship" to connect with ourselves and embrace an awareness of "intuitive caring". Caring is the intention; music expression will be the flow.

For more information and to book visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/early-years-incubate-with-helena-rodrigues-tickets-629324836527

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