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Diversifying Methodologies in Community Music Contexts: Historical Trauma as a critical ally
22 October 2020
This is the third event of five in the ICCM Presents autumn series, presented by Te Oti Rakena from the University of Auckland
During this series, each ICCM Presents event is underpinned by the theme of criticality in community music.

In recent years Historical Trauma has become a useful term to describe the long-term impact of colonization, cultural suppression and the historical oppression of Indigenous peoples. This presentation criticially explores Community Music Research from an Indigenous perspective and through the lens of Historical Trauma. I argue that when undertaking research or creative practice in the community, the researcher should have an understanding of the social-political reality of that community and understand the community’s version of their history. This can diverge from the dominant narrative as the Settler class in colonized nations often create their own account of Indigenous history. Researchers in the Western Academy have much to learn from non-Western methodologies, in this case Indigenous methods that emerge from Indigenous epistemologies, not Western philosophy. These models align well with the aspirations of Community Music practitioners and provide an effective way of ensuring that we tell the stories of our researched subjects with accuracy and respect.

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