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Community Music Practice: Working with People Living with Dementia
16 November 2019
A one day course at Goldsmiths looking at how music can enable those living with dementia to connect and create, combating social isolation, and helping maintain a sense of agency and identity. Tutored by Sound Sense member, Bela Emerson.

Awareness of the benefits of music for people living with dementia has grown rapidly in recent years, with research and anecdotal evidence demonstrating that active participation in music has a very positive effect on engagement and wellbeing. Work in this field can take place in residential settings such as care homes, in the community, and in healthcare settings. Music-making in these settings can include:

  • familiar repertoire – helpful for reminiscence and creating a sense of safety
  • improvisation – creating in the moment together, as a means of communication as well as promoting the equality of everyone involved
  • musical activities such as singing rounds
  • writing songs as a group
  • exploring sounds and listening

This is a rewarding area of work, contributing to a culture where people can develop or rekindle musical skills, interests, and connections – even if for a short, but illuminating time. This work requires a sensitive, flexible, and reflective approach, which this workshop will introduce you to.

Fee: £95.


Venue Details:
Goldsmiths, University of London