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Community Music Practice: Reaching Out to Young People
23 November 2019
This one day course at Goldsmiths focuses on working with so-called “hard to reach” young people, in overcoming the challenges they face through music. Tutored by Sound Sense board member, Graham Dowdall.

Community Musicians work with both young and older people who face a wide range of life challenges – using music as an effective tool to combat illness, disability, isolation, education difficulties, behavioural problems, offending and many more issues. Taking part in meaningful group activities is increasingly evidenced as a positive and productive way to overcome such challenges. This workshop investigates how to best facilitate meaningful and effective musical experiences for so-called “hard to reach” young people. This includes those who:

  • may be struggling at school
  • have been excluded, or are in danger of exclusion
  • at risk or already offending
  • not in education, training or employment

Community Music Practice can take many forms – singing in a choir, making beats on a computer, improvising as a group, exploring technology as a means to self-expression, songwriting, soundscape work and more. Each different way of engaging with music can have personal, social and collective benefits. To gain the greatest benefit Community Music interactions need to be led by people with a range of musical, communication and other skills, as well as an understanding of the context, and the people you are working with. This workshop will enable you to develop your own skill set, as well as providing a range of activity tools that can facilitate young people who face challenging circumstances to engage in creative and meaningful music activities.

Fee: £95


Venue Details:
Goldsmiths, University of London