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Community Music Practice: An Introduction
19 October 2019
A one day course at Goldsmiths providing an overview of the educational, community and therapeutic uses of music, introducing you to key ethics and practices. Tutored by Sound Sense board member, Graham Dowdall.

Community Musicians work with both young and older people including those who face a wide range of life challenges – using music as an effective tool to combat illness, disability, isolation, education difficulties, behavioural problems, offending and many more issues. Taking part in meaningful group or individual activities is increasingly evidenced as a positive and productive way to overcome such challenges and to help provide resilience, empowerment, improved mood, creative expression, better communication and other benefits. This workshop provides an overview of Community Music Practice in its widest sense, as well as investigating the skills and understanding needed to follow a profession in these rewarding areas.

We will explore the three core contexts in the field of Community Music Practice:

  • Educational – the landscape of Music education is changing fast demanding new skills and understanding whether in the formal or non-formal sectors.
  • Community – the breadth of practices and opportunities in Community Music continue to grow as the field develops and adapts to a changing world.
  • Therapeutic – increasingly the therapeutic benefits of music are being understood and many musicians are looking for ways to effectively access and measure these outcomes

Fee: £95



Venue Details:
Goldsmiths, University of London