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Children's home musical experiences: influencing early years music education
03 June 2024
In this MERYC England seminar Rebecca Shrewsbury shares her CREC MA dissertation research investigating young children's home musical experiences and the influence on early years practice
Online seminar with Rebecca Shrewsbury

How might we use children’s musical identities from outside school in formal education - can we build a more child-centred approach?

The influence of parents and family culture and the advancement in technology mean that children experience music in many different ways. By the time a child starts school they already have their own developing musical identity.

Through her own child led practice with children and families from diverse backgrounds, Rebecca developed an interest in the music children enjoyed outside school and how it could be incorporated into her practice. The theoretical background of her research was built upon Bronfenbrenner’s ecology systems theory on human development and Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory and the zone of proximal development.

Rebecca Shrewsbury is an early year’s music educator based in the West Midlands, completing her MA in Early Years Music Education at the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC) in 2022. She currently leads the Kodály Inspired and Early years music programme emanating from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. She is also Early years music lead for ‘In Harmony – Telford’ a music programme that uses music as a tool for social and emotional development. Recently Rebecca has begun work as an Early Years Music Champion for the Youth Music supported ‘Sounds of Play’ project in Birmingham.

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