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Sound Sense musicians and organisations take their professional development seriously. They're members of the only professional association to cover all community music activities - for young people, older people, outreach, education, in health, criminal justice, intercultural and many other types of setting. To find musicians and organisations this good, simply use the search boxes below. You can look for specific people or organisations, those working in particular areas of the country, or by key words.

Many of our members are covered by our own public liability insurance - look for the flagĀ Insured Through Sound Sense and check our insurance page for details. Others may have made their own arrangements for insurance: check with the member directly.

If you know the details (name, email or organisation) of the member you're looking for, enter them in the boxes below. Alternatively, search by any keyword or check a box for the geographical area you want to search in.

NOTE: Some browsers don't recognise apostrophes in names (eg O'Grady). For lastname searches simply type the last name after the apostrophe (eg Grady).

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