Understanding professional development for community artists

ArtWorks Alliance (AWA) is a strategic alliance to share best practice about national occupational standards, codes of conduct, professional development and routes to practice across artforms.

AWA is a third-tier network of organisations, working together to carry out decisive, collective action. As one of the founder members of ArtWorks Alliance, and now a strategic partner of the alliance, Sound Sense supports AWA’s mission: better participatory arts work.

AWA is made up of organisations a-n, Artquest, ArtWorks Cymru, ArtWorks London, ArtWorks Scotland, ArtWorks North-East, Axisweb, engage, National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE), People Dancing and Sound Sense. Together we reach 24,600 music, dance, writing and visual artists working in participatory settings.

To find out more about the work of the ArtWorks Alliance, visit: www.artworksalliance.org.uk

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