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Earwiggo Barging
YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic has produced a new set of resources for children and young people with additional needs called Earwiggo Barging

Introducing Earwiggo Barging: leaders' and pupils' "how to" books which outline the activities from a multi-arts project to celebrate the bicentenary of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. The resource books and CD are the culmination of a project which involved over 200 children with additional needs from four Leeds special schools (SILCs). It was run in partnership with ArtForms, Leeds Music Education Partnership (LMEP), Northern Ballet and Leeds Museums and Galleries, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. It culminated in many of the participants earning an Arts Award.

The Workshop Leader's book explains in detail how to recreate the differentiated activities from the project. There are multisensory sections, songs, simplified song sheets for playing music on tuned and untuned percussion, dance and art activities, as well as ideas for finding out more about the canal. The students' book has items from the main book presented in a simplified and accessible format. The books are designed for use by non-specialist leaders and have a CD to support the musical activities and illustrations to help with the dance and art activities.