• Report from the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee
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National body needed to save music in education from crisis – says National Assembly of Wales committee
Date posted: 14 June 2018
A new national body should be responsible for delivering music services across Wales according to a new report from the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee

The Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee concluded that a radical new approach is needed to save the sector from a crisis caused by continuing funding cuts and moves to simply paper over the cracks.

The Committee was told of the positive influences of children learning musical instruments in schools which extended beyond music itself to promote confidence and the benefits of perseverance, teamwork and practice.

But members were also told of substantial differences in the provision of music education in different parts of Wales, caused in part by funding cuts, but also through a lack of strategic leadership from the Welsh Government.

The Committee noted the Welsh Government's National Endowment for Music and Musical Instrument Amnesty programme, and its award of £10,000 per local authority to buy musical instruments but agreed with evidence from other stakeholders who described it as 'a drop in the ocean'.

The Committee recommends that more focus should be given to teaching children modern, popular music genres. While the more traditional music genres such as classical and orchestral music remain vitally important, more focus on rock and pop music would provide a wider range of skills and offer a more inclusive and relevant path for many pupils.

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