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Funding for exploring new creative ideas in English Folk Music
Date posted: 09 March 2018
EFDSS is offering Creative Seed Funding for new and emerging folk artists, and a Bursary and Residency Programme for established artists
EFDSS Creative Seed Funding - deadline for applications 27 April 2018
The EFDSS Creative Seed Funding is an award of £750 to be given to new and emerging artists/groups of artists who wish to explore new creative ideas in the genre of English folk music. There are three awards to be made.

Applicants should be in the early stages of their professional development who consider themselves professional musicians or are on the path to a professional music career within English folk music.

Applicants must have a genuine desire and commitment to building a professional career in English folk music and can be solo artists, collaborations or groups of any size.


EFDSS Creative Bursary and Residency Programme - deadline for applications 30 April 2018
The EFDSS Creative Bursary and Residency Programme, now in its 6th year, aims to support artists in exploring new creative ideas inspired by and sourced from traditional English folk music. This programme provides artists with an opportunity to undertake creative exploration without the pressure of a final product.

The award offers
  • a bursary of up to £2000,
  • research facilities at the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library,
  • and up to five days of rehearsal space at Cecil Sharp House to an individual, existing band, or new cohort of artists wishing to undertake research and development into a creative exploration of English folk music. 
The award is aimed at artists with a track-record as a professional creative artist (new and emerging artists should refer to the Seed Fund Bursaries). The bursary may be used to fund e.g. artists’ fees, travel and accommodation, rehearsal space. Artists should be seeking research and development funding rather than additional funding for an existing project. Artists will have the opportunity to informally share the outcomes of the research and development at the end of their rehearsal period to EFDSS staff and invited guests if they wish.