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Sound Sense
Board of Directors
Location: UK
Deadline: 18 September 2020
Sound Sense is looking for four members to join its Board of Directors and contribute to the growth and development of the UK association for community musicians

Would you like to influence how Sound Sense is run?

Sound Sense is run for its members by its members - people like you who form the Board of Sound Sense, writes chair Siggy Patchitt. Each year a number of Board members have to retire, and this year there are places for four members available for election.

As a Board of Directors, we control the overall policy of the organisation, make sure it's financially sound, and steer the activities of its staff. Our board members take their responsibilities seriously, and commit to attending at least three meetings a year (expenses paid, naturally) and actively contributing to a working group (we have groups covering finance, staff support, organisational development, and social media).

It's particularly important that Sound Sense's Board is as broadly representative as possible, so I particularly welcome nominations from people who are typically under-represented in the sector.

There is still time to nominate yourself. If you want to find out more about being a Board member, please do talk to me or to Sound Sense Director, Åsa Malmsten (siggy.patchitt@bristolplaysmusic.org or asa.malmsten@soundsense.org.uk).

If you're ready to nominate yourself for Board membership (you don't need a seconder), just email asa.malmsten@soundsense.org.uk by Friday 18 September 2020 with these details:

  • your name, organisation (if any) and address
  • your email address and phone number
  • the statement "I wish to stand for election to Sound Sense's Board of Management. If elected, I undertake to carry out the duties of a charity trustee and company director, including attending board meetings and contributing to the work of a working group"
  • a short note (up to 100 words) about who you are and what you would bring to the board

If more than three people nominate themselves we will hold an email ballot opening in September 2020.