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Working with People living with Dementia
26 September 2020 - 03 October 2020
This two-part course from Goldsmiths focuses on how music can enable those living with dementia to connect and create, combatting social isolation and helping maintain a sense of agency and identity

Goldsmiths has a huge legacy of training Community Musicians for nearly 30 years and we have developed a particular approach to CM focussing on inclusive and creative participation as a route to personal, musical and social development. Adapting and responding to the current situation enables us to offer our portfolio of Community Music Practice courses online and accessible to anyone in the world.

Broken into easily digestible 2x2 hour chunks we have four exciting courses which all stand alone or could be take together to give a wide range of experiences and learning across different contexts. Through these we are also hoping to build new networks of practice and thinking so there will be opportunities to engage beyond the online sessions with us and each other.

Our courses are suitable for experienced or less experienced musicians and those who wish to use music as part of their practice. There are no formal requirements. All courses are priced at £50 for the two sessions including access to networking, practice sharing and potentially placement opportunities.


First up is Introduction to Community Music Practice which will give an overview of the key principles, understandings, approach to practice and skills that underly CM. Especially suitable for those interested in getting involved in the field or refreshing their practice.

Sat July 15th 11am – 1pm BST

Sat July 22nd 11am – 1pm BST



Music with Disabled People and Young People with Special Educational Needs will explore positive and affirmative models of disability and neuro diversity and how we can both include disabled musicians and use music to access some very real benefits.

Sat August 15th 11 – 1pm BST

Sat Aug 22nd 11am – 1pm BST



Reaching Out to Young People looks at working with so-called “hard to reach “  - young people living in disadvantage and facing a range of challenges, using music to engage, include and offer a voice to those often denied one.

Sat Sep 5th 11 – 1pm BST

Sat Sep 19th 11am – 1pm BST



Working with People living with Dementia focuses on how music can enable those living with dementia to connect and create, combatting social isolation and helping maintain a sense of agency and identity.

Sat 26th Sep 11am – 1pm BST

Sat 3rd Oct 11am – 1pm BST


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