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Creating diverse, equal and inclusive musical environments in the Early Years
25 February 2020
A Sound Connections workshop led by Anjana Rinne for early years practitioners, musicians, child minders, reception teachers, facilitators and parents

How do we support children to feel valued and supported during everyday interaction within an early years setting music session? How do we work in partnership with other professionals and parents to create non-stereotypical environments in which children are able to explore music freely? Based in a nursery, and delivered by an early years advanced practitioner, this interactive and practical workshop will provide a grassroots perspective on how to become an enabling practitioner.

In this session Anjana will share her perspective on equality, inclusion and diversity. As a group you will consider a range of resources often used in early years, and consider the impact of these. Through practical activity you will create your own or adapt an existing song to challenge stereotypes, and will reflect on what this might mean for your own practice.


Venue Details:
York Rise Nursery, London NW5 1SB