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Sounding Board 2021 Issue 2
  • Reflections from our chair On serving Sound Sense and using her voice to give back to the field of community music Jess Abrams
  • Embracing the ‘new normal’ in community music practice Thoughts on how we make the best of new found skills and technology to further empower our participants Mark Bick
  • Member Interview Bryony Harris, Director of Cardiff-based member organisation Arts Active Amy Hill
  • Anchoring my identity as a community musician The experience of a recent graduate in a locked-down world and how joining the Sound Sense board helped her stay connected Shannon Stevenson
  • How music services benefit when they contract a wider range of music practitioners Diversifying music delivery for the long term Michael Davidson & Anita Holford
  • What noise do you want to make for climate change? The launch of Oi Musica's Let It Grow community music campaign for COP26 Oli Furness
  • About us Essential information and contact details


As has become increasingly apparent at Sound Sense Gatherings, the focus of practitioners has shifted to looking ahead and harnessing everything we have learned so as not to return to normal, but progress in new and more inclusive ways. Recurring questions arise like 'how do we include those who want to meet and those who want to stay online?', 'How do we keep hold of the masses of new learning and skills and not let it be lost?' and:

'How do we move forward?'

In this issue, we follow the 'moving forward' thread with a piece exploring how to make best use of the new skills and technologies we have discovered during the pandemic to better our practice and empower our participants. Our chair, Jess Abrams, reflects on her new role and shares the changes that are keeping Sound Sense moving forward with excitement. We also hear from Sound Sense board members and what the experience has meant to their practice.

Also in this issue we learn of how Hertfordshire Music Service's Changing Tracks programme is helping music hubs keep inclusion and diversity as an ongoing practice; A member interview with Arts Active Director Bryony Harris, who shares her passion for empowering participants through multi arts projects; And Oli Furness of Oi Musica, who updates us on its global community music project to raise awareness of the climate emergency.

As always, we send a huge thank you to our members who have contributed to this issue. If you would like to contribute to our next issue but are perhaps unsure of where to start, Amy has put together this practical tips guide to help you with creating your piece. Feel free to get in touch with Amy if you have any ideas you'd like to discuss and she will be happy to help. The deadline for submissions for our next issue is 20 September 2021.


This issue published 23 July 2021.