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Finding my community
Date posted: 06 September 2018
Vocalist and community music practitioner Jess Abrams on why she became a member, and then a Board member, of Sound Sense

Åsa asked me to share a bit about myself and why I became a member, and then a board member, of Sound Sense. The short answer, should you not fancy reading further, is that it’s my community.

Ironic isn’t it? That as Community Music Practitioners, we're often working on our own and often in situations where the need to bounce off someone else, reflect, discuss and digest is essential. When I found the Sound Sense Community, I felt a sense of the bigger picture I am a part of. Reading of people’s work and experiences, research and ’successes’ (whatever that word means) is inspiring, enlightening and thought provoking. To find that there was so much dialogue and affirmation of the field and, in turn, my practice really made a difference in my sense of the profession.

As Community Music gains professional and academic steam, Sound Sense continues to be a conduit for sharing experiences and ideas, for debate and discussion - a true advocate on our behalf. I joined the Board almost three years ago (and will stand again in November) and it feels meaningful to give back to an organisation that truly supports the growth of Community Music; of me. Joining the Board has also meant that I've connected with a range of people I would otherwise not meet or connect with, get work done, but have a good laugh with too. Keeping this short and sweet as I'm saving up words for an article I'll be writing in Sounding Board soon!