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About community music

Communities need music - Music can bring communities together, and it also acknowledges differences. Community music enables people to enjoy and learn from making music with each other and it enriches their lives.

  • Community music supports local initiatives.
  • Musicians work with schools and families to engage more children in music making.

A lifetime of music - Music and rhythm is in us all. Babies in the womb listen to their mother's heartbeat and hear music playing outside. Most young people live to the soundtrack of their music. And older people may participate in music to relax and reminisce. But music isn't only for all ages. It's for all people. That's what Sound Sense says community music work is all about.

  • Music can encourage learning and development in children.
  • Community music provides opportunities to socialise.

Music, culture and society - Big issues face today's society. People of different faiths and cultures need to feel more included within a multicultural society. Many disaffected people are turned off from traditional ways of learning. A safer society that cares more for its citizens would be good for us all.

Community music work can help address these issues and many more, says Sound Sense.

  • Children with the most challenging behaviour can develop through community music.
  • Music can help with basic learning.

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